Welcome Massachusetts Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors

Welcome Massachusetts Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors

The Massachusetts Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors started as many writing endeavors do, two people in a writing group, talking when they should be working on manuscripts.  We saw that the romance authors have a strong community, as does horror and even children’s authors. Beyond the conference and convention circuit, there wasn’t much for Sci-Fi & Fantasy. So we decided to start a community.

We started with a Facebook group, and we’ve already started holding informal meet ups to talk about what’s going on in our writing lives. It’s become a place to celebrate victories with fellow authors and ask for advice when needed. Currently the group ranges from soon-to-be-published authors to veterans with twenty books under their belt. We want to continue expanding our membership to create a strong network of Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers and build a community in which they can thrive.

We’ve already started asking ourselves, “What are the upcoming goals for MASFFA?” Quickly we’ve seen that there are many writers beyond Massachusetts interested in joining, and we’ve expanded our mission statement to include New England, though Massachusetts is our home base and, at least in the beginning, where most of the in-person activities will happen.  Along with this expansion we hope to:

  • Continue building our member resources
  • Hold meet ups to discuss writing/industry/marketing topics
  • Hold member workshops to help build craft/publishing experience
  • Participate in local conventions/conferences as an organization
  • Host an annual writing retreat

For now, we are focusing on building our membership, our resources, and getting our name out to local writers. Please join, share resources, and share with your fellow writers. The more community we have, the more we’ll be able to provide as we continue.

Thank you, and welcome to MASFFA.

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